Our Earth, Your Call: Film Screening of The Future of Energy
7:00 p.m.
Rowayton Community Center

Co-sponsored by Norwalk Land Trust, Rowayton Gardeners and Rowayton Library

Norwalk Land Trust, Rowayton Gardeners and Rowayton Library will present a film screening of the documentary, The Future of Energy in another segment of their “Our World: Your Call” series on environmental impacts and how we can make a difference.

This is a powerful film about the people and communities leading the way towards a renewable energy future and features some of America’s top energy specialists and ecological visionaries including:

  • Mark Z. Jacobson, Professor of Atmospheric Science, Stanford University / Solutions Project
  • Danny Kennedy, Co-Founder of Sungevity
  • Joanna Macy, Eco Philosopher and Author of Coming Back to Life
  • Diane Moss, Director and Founder of Renewables 100 Policy Institute
  • Jeremy Rifkin, Economist and Author of Third Industrial Revolution
  • Pandora Thomas, Environmental Educator of Earthseed Consulting

There is no fee to attend, but we ask you to register here.

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