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2011-12 Annual Fund

Thank You

Tall Ship
$1000 and above

Clipper Ship
$500 ~ $999

$250 ~ $499

Cat Boat
$100 ~ $249

up to $99
Mr. and Mrs. David Alexander
Richard and Kim Alexander TC
Lawrence D. Cavanagh and Eleanor Reimer C
Brian and Susan Gaffney l
David M. Murphy
Catherine and Frank Nash T
Gilbert J. Rose
The Steele Family
Sally and Kevin Tepas T
Kathleen and Kenneth Tropin C
Rob and Tally Ackerman C
Brian and Ellen Arsenault TC
Joe and Patty Blazovic
Alexandra Fitzgerald Dodwell
Draycott Family Foundation
Gerald S. Flowers
IMO Lois and Henry Gloetzner
Ginny and Bob Green C
Steve Hafner
Mrs. James Hoban Harris
Ian, Tracy, Hallie and Luke KingTC
Eva Landegger
Tom and Wendell Livingston
Nancy and Fred Lione TC
Arden and Marla Majewski
Brian and Kathryn McCormick
Helen O'Donnell
Woody and Courtney Oldrin
Stephen M. Petricone C
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Piper, III C
Ms. Lisa Shanahan T
Christine and Eric Smith T
Susie Salomon C
Sylvia Stuart C
Stephen Tomlinson
IMO John K. Wilson and Gertrude B. Wilson C
John and Christina Altier
Richard Baskin
Connie Bennett
Wendy and Eric Blattman
Charlotte Lyeth Burton
Karen M. Casey C
Chad Dreas
Susan Edwards Associates
William J. and Joyce M. Filip C
Kip and Eve Ford T
Susan and Jim Frayer TC
Mary Keating C
The Keyes Family
Patricia Klein
The Konstantin Family TC
Kathryn & Kelvin Kostohryz C
Allison Lesson
Lipson Weatherbee Family
David and Pam McCarthy
Yvonne and Christopher McKerrow T
Ray and Joyce Meurer C
Jack and Rilla Neafsey C
Phyllis Padro and Craig Hauenstein
Mr. and Mrs. Paolini C
Ann Purcell C
Brooks and Sarah Ritchey C
Willis G. Ryckman, III C
Bill and Grace Shanley C
John and Megan St. John C
Jennie and Zachary Stanton
Russ and Tracey Stidolph C
Nathaniel Toothaker
Rich and Joanne Van Steen C
The Wagstaff Family
Alex and Kelly Waters
William and Darunee Wilson C


Douglas & Kelly Ambrose
Roy Anderson
Suzy and Michael Aubrey C
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Bain, Jr.
Charles and Susan Baker
Richard and Alexandra Baudouin
Crista and Jeff Bazoian C
Julie and Pat Begos C
Emilie W. Betts C
Douglas A. Bora, Sr. C
Karl and Lucille Brautigam C
Lewis C. Brown
Nancy and Pete Buck
Julie Burton and George Sharrard
Mr. Philip Caputo
Charlie and Penny Carroll C
Leslie and Keith Cavanagh
Henry Cavanna
John & Linda Clark
Jim and Grayson Coale
Kelly and Patrick Connell
Stephen V. De Lange
Peter and Joan Diamandis C
Ann Martin DiLeone
Elisa Dolan
Katherine W. Draper
Janice Englesbe
Katherine Ercklentz
Ann and Bob Eydt C
In Honor Of Caroline and Chloe Fallon C
Fassett Family C
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Filanowski C
Helen & Michael Firriolo
Paula and Matt Fortuna
Merion Frolich C
Charlotte and Patrick Gannon
Rita and Robert Gadsden C
Kenneth Futter and Lyn Gaylord
Marion Gilbert C
Penelope M. Glassmeyer
Tracy Goodnow
Philip and Virginia Grant C
Deborah L. Guider
Martha Hathaway
George & Elizabeth Hawes
Frazer and Victoria Herbert
Jared Heuer
Charles Hinnant, c/o Charkit Chemical Corp.
Honey-Fitzgerald Household C
J. Bryan and Carol M. Hooper
Glenn and Mindy Houck
Karin and Andrew Howells
Diane & Mark Hyland
Mr. George Ince C
Investors Capital Management
Lisa Ives
Gail Jaques C
Rod and Wendy Johnson
Sarah L. Johnson C
Britton and Laurie Jones C
Maryann and Bardwell Jones
Lynn Julian
Chris and Heidi Keelips C
Mrs. Joan Keller
Susan Frank Kelley C
Midge Kennedy
Cathy and Lou Killeffer
Kathleen Koellhoffer
Arthur J. Ladrigan
Dennis Leibowitz C
Marc and Liza Laibe T
Mark Landis & Mary Singleton
Joe Lazaroff and Kim Pendergast C
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Leeds
Jay and Mark Lux
Marina and David MacPhee C
Lynn and Walter Maginnis C
Michael S. Madigan C
George Mandler
Davis S. Margold
Monica McAndrew
Grant McCracken
Betsy and Bob McGroarty C
The Meyerson Family
Gloria Bennett Miller
Jeff and Susanne Miller
Katherine and Brian Mitchell
Barry and Denise Minnerly
Peggy Minnis
Trish Morgan and Justin Hall-Tipping C
Page and Peter Morrison
Barbara Mortimer
John and Barbara Moeling
Carrie Gates Nash
Mr. and Mrs. Don Nash & Family C
Amy and John O'Brien CT
Joyce Oberdorf
Jane Pataki
Jenny Plath
Douglas and Lynne Pratt
Richard and Patricia Puccio
Jack and Lori Raymond C
Ronald and Sharron Restivo
Dawn and Jim Robertson C
Grace Robinson
Thomas Robinson
Jack and Judy Robson
Diane Rose
Robert Sachs
Lisa and David Schlakman C
Lourdes & Don Shaffer
David and Kathy Siever
Bill and Kate Skidd C
Ted and Jeanne Storb C
Dossie Sullivan C
Bob and Kara Thompson C
Roy & Christine Thompson
Austin and Dana Troy
KT & Terry Waters
Nancy Usic and Elizabeth Wernqvist
Barbara Wilson
Martin J. Usdan
Volcket and Elaine Van Reesema
Hadley & Paul Veeder
Joni Walser and Andrew Church
S.E. and S. J. Ward
Finn and Terry Wettergreen
David and Myra Wilson C
The Wood Family
Woody and Andrea Woodworth C
Carol Wrigley C
Barbara and Martin Yallop
Valerie and Victor Zabavsky
Miss Charlotte Alexander
Miss Emily Alexander
Sharon Alk
Kurt & Lisa Anderson C
John & Liz Arrendondo
Miss Julia Arsenault
Janet Barnes
Mary Ellen Barrelle
Karen Barrett
The Belcastros
Brooke and Hank Berkowitz C
Betty Berry
Katie and Will Beery
Kristen and Brian Binkley
Constance Boll
Michael and Audrey Bolton C
Kara Bonitatibus and Rick Sharma
Harold Buckley C
Lynne Burgess C
John & Anne Cagnina C
Robert Callaway
Diane and Perry Caminis
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Carlson
Mark Carta
William Close C
Beth and Paul Colonna C
Kathleen Conway
Brian & Jackie Coralian
Amy Coupe and Suann Ingle
Mary Crockett
Bruce Cross
Andrew and Carmen D'Alessio C
Jacqueline Dayton C
Pamela Davis C
James and Shannon DeCesare
Len and MaryLou DeLuca C
Joan and John DeRegt
James and Sijtje DeSimone
Emily and Mark DiTaranto
Robert Dodd and Diana Mayes
The Droscoski Family
Jeanne and Robert Duckworth
Alan and Barbara Dutton
John Flynn & Family C
Julia Foster
Rob Frazier
Miss Annika Friedrichsen
Norma and Jeff Gerwig
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Goennel C
Richard Gold
Paula Golob
Stephen and Andrea Gravereaux C
Susan Guerrero
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Guilfoile
Judy Nan Hacohen
Wilson and Adair Hatchl
Rosalie Healey
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Heffern C
Mr. and Mrs. James Hegedus
Flemming & Judy Heilmann
John and Nidy Hendrickson
Greg and Lauren Henry
Betsy Herold
The Hinnant Family
Heather and Richard Hopkins
Fritz and Ann Hovey
Sara Ingrassia & Brian Bast
Nicole, Rick & Sasha Intile
Alison Jasper
Lawrence R. Jean
Allan and Kristine Johnson
Amy and Eric Kamisher
Leslie and Denis Kelly
Joe Kosh
Jennifer Langdon
Karen and Gerry Laroucque
Bill and Barbara Latimer
Tammis and Tom Lazarus
Peter Leinroth
Barbara Lenchek
Heather Luth C
John and Betty MacPhee C
Papul and Diane Maitland
Robert Manning
Gillian Marshall
The Massad-Hart Family C
Monica McAndrew
Robert H. McCall C
Diana McCammon
Mary-Ellen McDonald
Erica and Andrew Merrill C
Marie C. Meserole
Marietta Meyer
George Middleton
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Miller, Jr.
John and Mary Moeling
Madeleine Moller
Clive and Judy Morrison C
The Moulden Family
Kathy Murphy
Sadie Grey Murphy
Duane Alfred Mutti
Ryan and Jennie Nally
Peter Nance
Miss Grace Nash
Miss Oona Nash
Kevin J. Nicholas
Shirley Nichols
Nancy and Jim Oravetz
Susan Painter C
Louise and Walter Palmer
Rick and Brenda Pank C
Marilyn Parker
Joe and Amy Pavia
Melissa & James Petropoulos
Michael and Petrea Poler
Marcia Powell
Eleanor Prokupek
Douglas Prophet
NancyJo and Erik Rambusch
Edward A. Reilly
Alex and John Reynolds C
Sally and David Reynolds
Kenneth and Pamela Ritt C
Phil Roberts
Deborah Ross
Krista Roy
Kevin and Margaret Ruhnke
Joanne Schreiber C
Linda and Pete Scull
Jay Sequeira
Ethelle and Burton Shatz C
William D. Sherry
Marny Smith C
Mark and Tina Smith C
Miss Nanette Smith C
Audrey Spellman
The Stockton Family
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Svec
Sandra Swan
Ashley Thacher
Tom and Kelley Throop C
Steve and Anne Van Geldern C
Penny Vitolo
Carol Wakeman C
Joan Ward
Christine Watkins
Dan and Debbie Wayland
Richard N. Williams C
Allan and Pamela Woods
Mary Woods
Ed and Barbara Wright
Pat and Ken Young
Eric and Stephanie Zeigler
Emily and Justin Zerega


Thank you all for your very generous donation to the Rowayton Library’s 2011/2012 Annual Fund.

Your gift allows us to continue to enhance our collection of books, eBooks, DVDs, music and periodicals for everyone in the community to enjoy.  Your contribution also allows us to provide a wonderful variety of programs and events, like the successful “101 Series”, the “New Yorker” Discussion Group and a host of wonderful BookTalks for all age groups and interests alike. 

It takes a community like Rowayton to make our library the treasure that it is, and we thank you for being a part of that community.


The Library is a 501(c)3 and all donations are tax deductible to the full extent allowable by law ...  If you are interested in making a contribution of securities please click HERE for further instructions and/or contact Kim Alexander at 203-838-5038.

Please excuse any errors or omissions. If any of the above names appear incorrectly or you'd like them to appear differently, please contact the Library.

Gifts received through March 5, 2012

T Trustee ~ l Leadership Circle ~ C Capital Campaign - (2004-2007 renovation of the Library)


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