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Indieflix @ the Rowayton Library

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The new Indieflix streaming video service is now available at the Rowayton Library. The service gives library card holders access to thousands of independent films, shorts, and documentaries on computers, Apple and Android tablets and most mobile devices, the Roku streaming device, and later this year, PS3 and Xbox game consoles. The service is only available to Rowayton Library card holders.

IndieFlix offers Rowayton Library users unlimited access to films screened at more than 2,000 film festivals worldwide. IndieFlix is dedicated to providing a forum where filmmakers and their audiences can interact, and to building a community that translates artistic vision into commercial success. IndieFlix promises to build a fair and open market to empower filmmakers to be the engine of their achievement, and audiences to be a vital part of a movie's success. We believe that every good movie has an audience. For more information, visit

IndieFlix is easy to use! To get started, simply click here. Then create an Indieflix account using your Rowayton Library barcode number. Once you’ve created your account and validated your email, you’re ready to login to Indieflix and can start watching award-winning documentaries, short films, web series, animated, children’s, Sci-fi, political and sports films anywhere anytime for free.

Discover the power of your library card and try it out today! If you don’t have a library card, stop in and sign up. A Rowayton Library card will give you access to books, DVDs, eBooks, eAudiobooks, magazines, research databases, over 500 online educational courses, language learning software, and much much more. If you have any questions about IndieFlix or any other library service, do not hesitate to ask us.



Curated viewing experience - Tell us what you are in the mood to watch and how much time you have and we give you a list of films that meet your need.

Movies from all of the film festivals - View films from all of the majorfilm festivals from all over the world.

Support filmmakers - IndieFlix provides a forum where filmmakers and their audience can interact translating artistic vision into commercial success.

Go mobile with us - Watch all of our movies on any smartphone or tablet with a web browser -  and now on the ROKU Box as well.


Click here to access the Rowayton Library's Indieflix collection

You'll need  your library card number to complete your IndieFlix sign up process. 
Email for your library card information if you don't have your library card.


Special Note

After you create your login to RBDigital and then for Indieflix, you will find that when you log in, it takes a little while. Yes, it does -- to verify your account. After you are completely logged in (with RBDigital and Indieflix), the computer interaction time is very quick. Thank you for your patience.

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