New Yorker Discussion Group: Fall Session

September 26 through November 21 (no session on October 31)

Maybe you already have a subscription but only consistently glance at the cartoons? Or perhaps you yearn for in-depth reporting, written well without the prefab soundbites of TV news? Or you might just like to meet up with interesting individuals to talk about current events, the latest big hit on Broadway, upcoming museum exhibits worth a look all while enjoying a sip of wine and savory bites on a summer evening. If so, stop by the library and find out what selections are being discussed. The magazine issue is on us. Register here and we will let you know when the first issue arrives.

Assigned readings for October 17 from the October 14 issue:

- Page 19: Talk of the Town: Jeffrey Toobin on Trump, Ukraine, and impeachment
- Page 26: Letters from Atlanta: “Radical Care” by Alexis Okeowo
- Page 34: Annals of Philosophy: “The Eternal Return” by Alex Ross
- Page 40: Profiles: “Troubles” by Ian Parker
- Page 64: Fiction: “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” by Joyce Carol Oates
- Page 72: The Critics: Books: Joan Acocella on “Giglamesh” lost and regained
- Page 84: The Theatre: Vinson Cunningham on “Freestyle Love Supreme”

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