The New Yorker Discussion Group Facilitated by Diana B. Loevy

New Session Begins January 26, 2017 and runs through March 30, 2017

This series is a lively community discussion group where attendees may talk about news events, contemporary culture, cuisine, profiles, fiction, humor, and the political scene based on articles from The New Yorker magazine. Space is limited, so please register here. You will be contacted when the first issues arrive at the library. Refreshments will be served.

Readings from the March 20th issue:
-Page 29: Talk of the Town: David Remnick on the deep state
-Page 36: Personal History: Gary Shteyngart's "Time Out"
-Page 52: The Political Scene: "Trolling the Press Corps" by Andrew Marantz
-Page 80: Fiction: "The I.O.U" by F. Scott Fitzgerald
-Page 88: Books: Adam Gopnik on "Age of Anger," "A Culture of Growth," "Homo Deus"
-Page 94: Books: "Robert Lowell, Setting the River on Fire" by Dan Chiasson
-Page 98: On Television: Emily Nussbaum on "Feud"