800 Words Season 2, Part 1 (NR) 364 minutes

800 WORDS, Season 2, part 1 --SERIES--(NR)--After relocating from the whirlwind of Sydney, newspaper columnist George Turner (Erik Thomson) is slowly learning what it means to be a local in the quirky New Zealand town of Weld. He wanted his kids, Shay (Melina Vidier) and Arlo (Benson Jack Anthony), to have a fresh start after the death of his wife, but all did not go according to plan. Now George must reunite his family by bringing Shay home from her self-appointed exile in Australia. And if George is to become a fully functioning town resident, he must actually start anew- including finding a job with steady income and revamping his love life. With the many attractive, eligible women living in Weld, who will receive George’s affections.