A Heart Full of Headstones

A Heart Full of Headstones by Ian Rankin puts John Rebus, Rankin’s veteran detective, now retired, in what might be one of the toughest spots he’s been in yet. The book opens with Rebus on trial for a crime that is only revealed through flashbacks. Detective Inspector Siobhan Clarke, one of Rebus’s former colleagues, is investigating the case of a cop accused of domestic violence which threatens to expose a culture of corruption within the force. Meanwhile, Rebus is getting involved with an old adversary, crime boss Morris “Big Ger” Cafferty, who is asking Rebus for a favor: to search for a man who is supposedly back in town, despite reports that Cafferty himself murdered him. These two plot threads weave a web that will ensnare Rebus in a nasty plot tangle, one that might take two books to unravel (word has it there’s already a sequel to A Heart Full of Headstones in the works).