A Most Violent Year-Movie (R) 125 minutes

Movie –R- There are many different ways a person can be tested, but not all of them make for good movies. J.C. Chandor has taken audiences through three very different fights for survival, each more gripping than the last. Margin Call and All is Lost are the first two. In Chandor's latest, this gripping crime-thriller is his most perceptive yet. A heating oil magnate in 1981 New York. the most violent year in the city's record, has him dealing with a dilemma. He's just put down a hefty deposit for a prime piece of land that will completely evolve his business, but the balance must be paid within 30 days or the deal is off and the down payment lost. However his trucks are being hijacked at an increasing clip and the drivers are looking to arm themselves, which would be illegal. The DA (David Oyelowo) is in the midst of an investigation into the business for possible violations, and maybe his wife has cooked-the-books.