A Tidy Ending

A Tidy Ending by Joanna Cannon is a suspenseful novel full of red herrings and misdirection, with an unreliable narrator, Linda. After relocating from her home in Wales to a nondescript English town after a dark childhood family scandal, Linda is bored with her suburban life and her husband, Terry, and is something of a busybody. To keep herself entertained, she goes through the luxury catalogs that keep arriving at her house, addressed to the former occupant, Rebecca. Linda is soon fantasizing about her whole glamorous life and identity for Rebecca. In fact, what if she could actually meet Rebecca? They might be friends! As Linda tries to track this woman down, she’s also preoccupied with the curious case of other young women who keep disappearing from her neighborhood. While the police struggle to identify a perpetrator, can Linda piece it all together herself? Or is there more mystery than meets the eye?