Ada and the Galaxies

Ada and the Galaxies by Alan Lightman and Olga Pastuchiv, illustrated by Susanna Chapman, celebrate the wonders of space and the natural world. Ada loves looking at the stars, but there’s too much light to see them from the window of her New York City apartment. When she visits her grandparents, Ama and Poobah, on an island in Maine, she’s sure she’ll be able to see all the stars! But first, Ada and Ama, and Poobah have to wait for the sky to get dark. Luckily, there’s plenty to do on the island during the day, like find an osprey’s nest and build a fairy house with shells and moss. Meanwhile, Ada’s imagination soars when Poobah tells her about galaxies far, far away. When the stars finally come out, readers are caught up in Ada’s joy and wonder. Susanna Chapman’s gorgeous watercolor illustrations bring out Maine’s beauty.