by Tanya Guerrero is a survival story that deals gently with big themes like loss and coping with grief. When Coral Bituin-Rousseau is sailing through the Indonesian archipelago with her parents, an earthquake and tsunami separate Coral from her family and strand her alone on a remote island. While she struggles to survive in her new environment, unsure whether help will arrive, her cousin, Isa grapples with the apparent loss of her cousin. Coral and Isa have always been extremely close--their Filipina moms are sisters who married two American brothers--and, growing up together on Pebble Island, New York, Coral and Isa have bonded deeply. So, when it looks like the adults in her family are giving up hope, Isa refuses to give in, while, thousands of miles at sea, Coral triumphs over the obstacles in her surroundings. (Middle Grade Books)