Age of Vice

by Deepti Kapoor is a riveting drama about class, corruption, and morality set in India. A Mercedes speeding through New Delhi at 3 a.m. suddenly plows onto the sidewalk and kills five people. When the police arrive, they find Ajay, a servant for the powerful, wealthy Wadia family, behind the wheel with an empty bottle of Scotch and no explanation for the events that occurred that night. Soon, readers are plunged into the dangerous, rarefied world that the Wadia family inhabits, where reckless playboy Sunny is the leader the of a gang of young, glamorous socialites who go from flaunting their money to slumming it in search of thrills. Ajay is Sunny’s right-hand man, a combination of valet and bodyguard who has become accustomed to committing violence to save his employer’s neck. But is he about to become a fall guy for a crime he didn’t commit? Age of Vice has drawn comparisons to Mario Puzo’s The Godfather in the way it combines the drama of a family with a depiction of violent corruption and greed.