All's Well that Ends Well-Movie (NR) 138 minutes

Movie – NR- 2015 Shakespeare on the Sound selection Film of the original Globe Theatre production: Helena loves the arrogant Bertram, and when she cures the King of France of his sickness, she claims Bertram as her reward. But her new husband, flying from Helena to join the wars, attaches two obstructive conditions to their marriage - conditions he is sure will never be met. All's Well That Ends Well grinds the romantic against the realistic at every turn and  brilliantly reverses all the usual expectations of Shakespearean comedy. Some of Shakespeare's most inventive language gives life to not just his single-minded heroine and her churlish lover, but a fantastic cast of frauds, cynics, sentimentalists and buffoons. Featuring Olivier-award winning actress Janie Dee as the Countess of Roussillon, Sam Crane as Bertam and Ellie Piercy as Helena.