Baking by Feel

by Becca Rea-Tucker offers a unique kind of baking experience, encouraging readers to let their emotions dictate what to make. Feeling sad? Try a simple chocolate olive oil cake, easy to throw together and swimming in chocolate glaze, the ultimate comfort food. If you’re feeling as though you need a distraction, Rea-Tucker recommends focusing on a fiddly task, like baking raspberry tahini Linzer cookies, to lift your mood (and reward you with a sweet treat at the end of the process). And what does happiness taste like? According to Rea-Tucker, it’s a sunny lemon cake with poppy-seed cream cheese frosting. Rea-Tucker found her voice on Instagram, where she bakes as @thesweetfeminist, and also discovered the soothing power of baking. While baked goods certainly can’t solve everything, sometimes a good recipe, and the process of making it, can go a long way. (Cookbook)