Bleeding Heart Yard

by Elly Griffiths is a thrilling new mystery involving a circle of privileged school friends who share a dark secret. A close-knit band of friends from Manor Park, the school for “trendy lefties” in London, is meeting for a reunion for the first time in over 20 years. One member of “the Group”, police detective sergeant Cassie Fitzherbert, is convinced that she was involved in the death of one of her classmates, although her memory might be playing tricks on her. Now, when the Group meets up and old rivalries, crushes, and secrets flare up again, one of its members, Garfield Rice, is murdered. Is this unexplained death connected to the first one in 1998? And what role does Cassie, who is now part of the police investigation into Rice’s death, play in each? Fans of Donna Tartt’s The Secret History and Ruth Ware’s recent The It Girl will be intrigued.