Book Lovers

by Emily Henry is a feel-good romance that also pokes gentle fun at the conventions of feel-good romances. Nora Stephens is not the kind of woman to leave behind high-powered city life and fall for the Hallmark movie charm of a small town. In fact, she’s a successful literary agent who loves her Peloton-fueled lifestyle and relishes her professional ambitions. Still, when her pregnant sister Libby suggests a trip for the two of them to Sunshine Falls, North Carolina, Nora agrees to go, hoping for some bonding time with Libby. But, the presence of Nora’s professional nemesis, the grumpy book editor Charlie Lastra, threatens to derail the trip. As chance would have it, Charlie is from Sunshine Falls (his mother runs the local bookshop), and Nora can’t seem to get away from him. Sparks inevitably fly in this enemies-to-lovers romance.