Box 88

Box 88 by Charles Cumming is a spy thriller spanning 30 years. Lachlan Kite is a special agent with Box 88, a British-American special branch of operations that is so elite and elusive that even MI6 and the CIA aren’t sure of its existence. Both agencies have their eye on Kite, but when he’s kidnapped at his best friend’s funeral by a team led by an Iranian businessman, things really start to get nerve-wracking. The team wants information about a mission Kite fulfilled involving Iran thirty years before, when he was young, inexperienced, and made many mistakes. While in captivity, Kite flashes back to his school days, his recruitment, and the details of that early case. But, the stakes only get higher when Kite’s pregnant wife is also threatened by his jailors. A gripping, intricate thriller with plenty of momentum.