The Bridge + Bron/Broen Season 3 (NR) 580 minutes

THE BRIDGE + BRON/BROEN, Season 3 - SERIES--(NR)--When Helle Anker, a gender activist and owner of Copenhagen’s first gender-neutral preschool, is found murdered at a construction site in Malmo, Saga Noren (Sofia Helin) is assigned to the case, together with Hanne (Kirsten Olesen), a new Danish colleague who has difficulty accepting Saga. The murder sparks the beginning of a series of spectacular crimes reaching back into Saga’s own past. With her career at risk and the question of personal responsibility haunting her, it looks as if she might be pulled from the case, When her mother, unexpectedly reenters her life, Saga must also cope with unforeseen and unwanted demands from her.