Chasing Shadows (NR) 183 minutes

CHASING SHADOWS Series 2 episodes only–NR–DS Sean Stone (Reece Shearsmith) possesses an uncanny knack for getting inside the minds of killers, which makes him a brilliant detective, but he’s hindered by a personality disorder that rubs colleagues the wrong way. Demoted from the homicide division to the Missing Persons Bureau, he must team up with his polar opposite: warm, empathetic analyst Ruth Hattersley (Alex Kingston). The mismatched partners clash from the start, but Stone dives headfirst into the bureau’s database to spot signs of serial killers behind some cases. To find them, Stone will have to harness Hattersley’s talents and reckon with his own personality flaws. Also starring Noel Clarke as Stone’s police counterpart, this dark, sophisticated crime drama features smart scripts and mesmerizing performances. Excellent, and well written.