Children's Book Club with Tammy Malkin
4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Rowayton Library

Wednesdays from February 1 through February 22

On her 11th birthday, Kate receives an unusual present from her rich Uncle Herbert: a train! No, not a toy train or a train set, but a real-life, full-size working train called the Silver Arrow. As Kate and her brother, Tom, begin to explore her gift, the train steams to life and soon stops to pick up a wild band of ticket-holding animals. The two children are quickly faced with the challenge of catering to their animal passengers and figuring out just how this mysterious locomotive works. In some ways, the Silver Arrow is every child's dream come true: there are cars filled with candy and a library on board full of wonderful books. But, as Kate and Tom communicate with their animal passengers, they learn that all is not well: some species are invaders, threatening others, while other animals are in danger of disappearing altogether, like the polar bear whose train car is melting away. In order to keep the Silver Arrow running, the human children in charge of it must learn how to care for its other inhabitants. This is a richly imagined ecological fable that stimulates the imagination and provokes the best kind of questions. What will some of yours be?

Children in grades K to 3 are invited to join us for this 4-week book club series with Tammy Malkin, long-time Rowayton Elementary School teacher and parent, to discuss The Silver Arrow. This first book in the popular fantasy novel series by Lev Grossman blends magic and adventure with a clever metaphor that gently introduces the realities of a global environmental crisis.

Copies of the book will be given to each participant to keep! Space is limited so please register here to reserve your spot today!

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