City of Magic

by Avi is the third book in the author’s trilogy set in Renaissance Italy. The year is 1492 and Magnus the Magician and his loyal servant boy, Fabrizio, are on a mission to Venice. King Claudio of Pergamontio has sent them to get their hands on a manuscript, written by Franciscan friar Luca Pacioli, which contains a revolutionary method for making money. For Fabrizio, the assignment is an adventure, exploring the maze of canals decked out for Carnival, with masked revelers spilling into the streets: “Venetians love two things: money and secrets.” But Venice is dangerous as well as dazzling, Magnus is increasingly old and feeble, and the king’s henchmen are in hot pursuit of the magician and his assistant. The story’s high-stakes antics center on the true story of Pacioli and his magical invention, double-entry bookkeeping, which changed the way information was recorded forever. City of Magic is full of the rich historical details and gripping suspense that the Newbery Medal-winning author is known for. (Chapter Books)