Cracked: What Lies Beneath Season 1 (NR) 180 minutes

CRACKED : What Lies Beneath –SERIES:Season 1--(NR)--What to do when Detective Aiden Black (David Sutcliffe) a seasoned Emergency Task Force officer with post-traumatic stress disorder suffers an all-too-public breakdown? Black’s boss transfers him to the all new Psych Crimes and Crisis Unit. After psychiatrist Dr. Daniella Ridley (Stephanie von Pfetten) diagnoses him as cracked, not broken. uncomfortably for Black and Ridley, they now have to work together. And Ridley is pressured by her superior to report Black’s conduct on the quiet. Join the mismatched but dedicated pair as they combine skills to solve bizarre and compelling cases of emotionally unstable criminals, victims and witnesses. Fascinating cop show!