Cult Classic

Cult Classic by Sloane Crosley takes a common nightmare--the prospect of running into your ex--and uses it as a framework to satirize modern relationships in this unconventional romantic comedy. Lola is a 30-something New Yorker with a career in media and a stable but slightly boring fiancé she calls Boots. One night while at a reunion dinner with her former colleagues, she runs into one of her exes; so far, so normal. Then she runs into another, and another, and another, until Lola realizes that these encounters can’t be coincidences. The plot twists and fun house mirror-style horror of these run-ins, and the sinister truth behind them, give the novel a feeling of suspense. Meanwhile, Lola’s introspection about her romantic choices and her bitingly funny wit bring the narrative to life. Crosley’s writing has been compared to Nora Ephron’s and Cult Classic is a clever mashup of genres, from thriller to romance to comedy.