Delicious Season 2 (NR) 180 minutes

DELICIOUS, Season 2– SERIES-(NR) It’s been almost a year since the sudden death of philandering chef Leo Vincent (Iain Glen), but his presence at the Penrose Hotel is more palpable than ever. His ex-wife, Gina (Dawn French), and widow, Sam (Emilia Fox), have turned the failing hotel he left behind into a profitable enterprise. Gina does the cooking while Sam manages the business, but they continue to have professional and personal disagreements. With an ongoing police investigation into the hotel, an unexpected guest, and a handsome new hire, Gina and Sam’s partnership may be a recipe for disaster. And while Leo ruminates on life from beyond the grave, his secrets come back to haunt his family. Set against a backdrop of stunning Cornwall landscapes. This “darkly offbeat” (Express, UK) drama also features Franco Nero, Aaron Anthony, and Sheila Hancock.