Detective Montalbano Seasons 33-34 (NR) 216 minutes

DETECTIVE MONTALBANO, Seasons 33-34– FOREIGN SERIES (NR) Italian with English Subtitles: Murder, betrayal, office politics, temptation. Filmed in Ragusa, Sicily and based on the international best-selling mystery novels by Andrea Camilleri. THE OTHER END OF THE LINE:The Vigata police are working exhausting nights assisting immigrants arriving by boat to Sicily. Just as they get a break, a terrible local crime also comes to their attention: a tailor Montalbano recently hired to make a suit has been found slaughtered in her shop. The woman appears to have been well-liked by her staff and the community, and her death leaves Montalbano reeling. A DIARY FROM 1943: A long-hidden diary opens a window to tragic events from the Allies' occupation of Sicily during WWII. While Montalbano tries to decipher the diary's references, a 90-year-old businessman is murdered in his home. It’s up to Montalbano to figure out if there's any connection between the diary, the murder, and another 90-year-old (Dominic Chianese) who’s come home to Vigata from America.