by Darcie Little Badger imagines an alternate version of contemporary America in which ghosts, vampires, and fairies are not just real, but impact the workings of everyday life. Elatsoe, also known as Ellie, is an asexual 17-year-old Apache who comes from a long line of people who have the gift of ghost calling, a way of summoning back the dead to aid the living. While the rules of the practice strictly forbid calling back the souls of dead people, Ellie’s ancestors have long brought back the ghosts of animals, and Ellie’s companion is the ghost of her childhood springer spaniel, Kirby. Ellie’s powers are tested when her cousin, Trevor, is killed in what looks like an accident but turns out to be murder. With the aid of her ghost dog, Kirby, and her best friend, Jay, Ellie wants to solve her cousin’s murder, even if it means exposing the darkest secrets that her picture-perfect town, Willowbee, seems to want to hide. (Young Adult Books)