Fabulous Modern Cookies

Fabulous Modern Cookies by Chris Taylor and Paul Arguin is a fun, colorful book for anyone who loves baking and wants to spice up their repertoire. Fabulous Modern Cookies puts a spin on some traditional favorites, like Pumpkin Spice Latte Thumbprints or Birthday Cake Rugelach Slices. Some of the recipes involve a little extra effort, but the book also provides some tips for tweaking easy, tried-and-true staples, like the Next-Gen Peanut Butter Cookies, where the secret ingredient is sesame oil to boost the cookie’s nutty flavor or Raspberry Lemonade Cookies that use a whole lemon in the batter to give them a fresh summery flavor. Next time you need to bake up a batch of cookies, this is a great resource to turn to. (Cookbooks)