Father Brown Season 3 Part 1 (NR) 360 minutes

FATHER BROWNSEASON 3, Part 1 (NR)--Hop on your bicycle and travel back to the 1950’s to join the priestly gumshoe Father Brown (Mark Williams) for another compelling series of mysteries based on the novels of G. K. Chesterton. Quiet lanes and country houses hold daunting secrets that only Father Brown, using his intuition and skill, will be able to work out much to the chagrin of Inspector Sullivan (Tom Chambers). Joined by his gang of dedicated helpers: the excitable parish secretary Mrs. McCarthy (Sorcha Cusack), the glamorous Lady Felicia Montague (Nancy Carroll) and her resourceful chauffeur (and mostly former small-time crook) Sid Carter (Alex Price), Father Brown faces some of his most daunting cases yet.