Finding Alice Season 1 (NR) 288 minutes

NEW SERIES (NR) Shortly after moving into their newly finished dream house, Alice’s (Keeley Hawes) partner, Harry (Jason Merrells) dies from falling down the stairs. Harry designed the house himself, so it’s weird, wonderful, and impractical--and one more disorientation for Alice to endure along with her sense of loss and abandonment. Her beloved partner of 20 years is gone and now she can’t even find the fridge. To add to her problems, Alice discovers that Harry had a habit of hiding stuff he didn’t want to deal with, and his sudden death kicks up a storm of secrets, debt, and suspicion that Alice must confront to move forward with her life. Darkly Comic Drama, also stars Joanna Lumley, Gemma Jones, Nigel Havers, Ayesha Dharker, and Rhashan Stone.