Fortitude Season 2 (NC-17) Adults Only 450 minutes

FORTITUDE, Season 2 - SERIES--(NC-17) Adults Only--Welcome Back! After Last year, the remote arctic town of Fortitude will never be the same again. The islanders have overcome the parasite threat, but the mainland is trying to suffocate the town by cutting off its funding and supplies. Some stay because their whole life is there, and they love it, the most thrilling, beautiful place on earth. But out in the wilderness, nature is growing ever more restless, unpredictable, and dangerous. The very sky itself has turned red in a blood aurora-the omens are not good at all for the locals. There is another horrendous death, and the police must solve a barbaric murder. A mysterious stranger has appeared in town, hell-bent on destroying the evil spirit that has descended upon Fortitude and its inhabitants. There’s a demon amongst the herd, and it must be