Four Good Days (R) 100 minutes Oscar Nominee

MOVIE (R) OSCAR NOMINEE  Glenn Close and Mila Kunis star as a long-estranged mother and daughter navigating the most difficult four days of their lives together in a heartbreaking and hopeful story based on real-life events. Bruised, abused, and on the verge of collapse, heroin-addled Molly (Kunis) shows up at the house of her heartbroken, long-suffering mother, Deb (Close), seeking help. But ten painful years of estrangement, drug use, and addiction have taken a toll on the already fragile mother-and-daughter relationship. Molly has been through detox more than a dozen times, with no signs of recovering. Now, a doctor offers Molly a shred of hope--a monthly shot of an opioid antagonist, a potent agent that prevents toxic substances from binding to the central nervous system. However, there's a catch: Molly must stay clean for four long, excruciating, faith-challenging days to receive the treatment.