Fox Creek

Fox Creek by William Kent Krueger is the next in the series featuring former small-town sheriff Cork O’Connor. This time, Cork is dealing with a missing person’s case, but something seems off. A man claiming to be Lou Morriseau asks Cork to look for his wife, Dolores, who supposedly ran off to be with a man named Henry Melroux. But, Henry is a 100-year-old Ojibwe healer--if Dolores went to find him, it likely wasn’t for an extramarital affair. Since Cork is related to Henry by marriage, he soon finds out that his suspicions were on target: the man claiming to be Lou is an imposter and Dolores was seeking help. The plot is further complicated by sinister omens predicting Henry’s death, and questions mount about what happened to the real Lou Morriseau. Fans of the Cork O’Connor series will jump right in!