by Gustaf Skördeman, translated by Ian Giles, opens with a stunning murder that causes the reader to question not who did it, but why. It’s the end of summer in Stockholm and Agneta Broman, a loving wife, mother, and grandmother is sending off her grandchildren after a long visit. Moments after waving goodbye, Agneta calmly shoots her husband of fifty years, Stellan, and then vanishes. The catalyst for this turn of events is a phone call that Agneta received moments before she shot Stellan, a call that said only one word, “Geiger” but has triggered a series of events set into motion decades before. Meanwhile, Sara Nowak is a police officer who is drawn to investigate the murder because she grew up with Agneta and Stellan’s kids, despite the fact that her ordinary workload in the prostitution unit is heavy and her personal life is threatening to overwhelm her. Fans of Scandinavian mysteries will enjoy this multifaceted Cold War thriller.