Gilded Mountain

Gilded Mountain by Kate Manning is a historical epic set in a Colorado mining town at the turn of the 20th century. Teenager Sylvie Pelletier has just moved from Vermont to Moonstone, Colorado, where her father, Jacques, finds work in the dangerous field of high-altitude marble mining. Colorado’s winters are harsh and the conditions of the working class toiling in and around the mountains are even harsher. Working under exploitative conditions at a company owned by industrial tycoon Jerome Padgett, Jacques and his compatriots want to unionize. Meanwhile, Sylvie finds work at a local newspaper, then gets hired as a secretary to Padgett’s wife, Inge, and is soon torn between the hardscrabble existence and values of her family, and the rarefied world she gets a glimpse of at the Padgett’s. This is a rich Gilded Age story that feels both rooted in history and timeless.