Gold Mountain

by Betty, G. Yee is a fascinating historical novel about the Chinese immigrant experience in 19thcentury America. It’s 1867, and Tam Ling Fan has grown up in the midst of a privileged family in China with a father whose progressive ideas have allowed her more freedom than most upper-class girls. But now, at 15 years old, she’s expected to do her duty and make a good marriage for her family. When her twin brother dies of influenza, however, and her father is wrongfully imprisoned for treason, Ling Fan decides to ensure her father’s freedom and her family’s safety by taking a very different path. Disguised as her dead brother, Ling Fan boards a ship for California with his prized railroad contract and joins the workers building the first transcontinental railroad. The work is incredibly dangerous and Ling Fan’s secret identity makes it even more so. How much will she risk for her family? (Young Adults)