Harlem Sunset

Harlem Sunset by Nekesia Afia is the second in the Harlem Renaissance-set mystery series, featuring the tough, glamorous Louise Lloyd. It’s 1927 and Louise has taken a job as the manager of the Dove, a Harlem speakeasy run by her friend, Rafael Moreno. At the Dove, Louise meets Nora Davies, a young woman that Louise knows from her traumatic past. The two women spend the night at the Dove drinking and talking along with Rafael and Louise’s girlfriend, Rosa Maria. But the next morning, Rosa Maria wakes up covered in blood with no memory of the previous night – and with Nora dead on the floor next to her. Louise knows Rosa Maria can’t have killed Nora, but the police aren’t so sure, and Louise has to fight to clear her lover’s name and find the real killer. This is a suspenseful, atmospheric mystery.