Heart Guy Season 1 (NR) 489 minutes

HEART GUY, Season 1 –SERIES—(NR)--Gifted, but arrogant heart surgeon Hugh Knight (Rodger Corser) leads a charmed life in Sydney. Until an incident involving drugs and alcohol brings his world crashing down. Placed on probation and banned from performing surgery, Hugh is forced to retreat to his hometown of Whyhope in rural Australia. Working as a GP at an underfunded hospital under his no-nonsense new boss (Hayley McElhinney) and his family situation is complicated. With his politically-ambitious mother (Tina Bursill), emotionally distant father (Steve Bisley), and his ex-girlfriend Charlie (Nicole da Silva) now married to his younger brother, Hugh is constantly reminded why he left Whyhope. Can he start afresh with a clean slate or will his bad-boy tendencies end his medical career for good?