Hotel Magnifique

by Emily J. Taylor is a clever, richly imagined fantasy novel. The Hotel Magnifique is renowned for its magical ability to travel the world, disappearing and reappearing in a new place on the globe every night. For 17-year-old Janine, who has always longed to go someplace else, getting jobs at the Hotel for her and her sister, Zosa, is beyond a dream come true. It also seems like the best way to a better life than Janine’s old, thankless job working in a tannery. But, as soon as the girls join the staff of the hotel, it becomes clear that the Hotel Magnifique is not what it appears to be, and that its magic may hide deep dangerous secrets. With the help of the mysterious, alluring doorman, Bel, it’s up to Janine and Zosa to uncover the truth. Readers will be swept along for the ride. (Chapter Books)