Imma Tataranni Season 1 New Foreign Series (R) 657 minutes
IMMA TATARANNI, SEASON 1 NEW (R) ITALIAN with English Subtitles 

Vanessa Scalera stars as deputy prosecutor Immacolata “Imma” Tataranni, a workaholic with a prodigious memory who solves the cases entrusted to her with unorthodox methods of detection and attitude to spare. Filmed in the Basilicata region of southern Italy, based in the ancient city of Matera famous for its ancient caves. Accompanying Imma is Ippazio Calogiuri (Alessio Lapice), a shy young corporal in the Carabinieri. Imma, married and devoted to her husband, Pietro (Massimiliano Gallo), and their teenage daughter, Valentina (Alice Azzariti), struggle with her mother’s dementia and her in-laws. Guest star Cesare Bocci (from Det. Montalbano)