Inspector and the Sea (Der Kommissar und das Meer) Season 2 (NR) 535 minutes

INSPECTOR AND THE SEA, (Der Kommissar und das Meer), SEASON 2 – SERIES--(NR)--This blockbuster German crime series takes place on the Swedish island of Gotland. Laid-back German police inspector Robert Anders (Walter Sittler) has moved to the island to be with his Swedish wife, Line (Paprika Steen) and their two children. Anders has the job of solving crimes on Gotland, a German among Swedes, living on an island with a phobia of water he’ll have to overcome. Behind the façade of Visby’s brightly colored houses lurk criminals of all stripes. They move among the residents and the summertime tourists from all over Europe who vacation in cottages that line the beaches. Together with his loyal deputy Karin Jacobsson, charming, capable Thomas WIttberg and sardonic pathologist Ewa, they must delve below the surfaces of lives to discover the dark secrets hidden by everyone, victims, and perpetrators alike. This second season is as riveting as the first!