Janet King: The Invisible Wound Season 2 (NR) 463 minutes

JANET KING, The Invisible Wound, Season 2 – SERIES--(NR)--The brilliant crown prosecutor Janet King (Marta Dusseldorp) returns in this enthralling Australian legal drama. Janet remains devastated by the unsolved murder of her partner, Ash, two years earlier. Her professional life is no less challenging, as the attorney general tasks Janet with heading a royal commission into serious firearms crime. Recruiting some of her old team from the Department of Public Prosecutions, Janet begins piecing together how illegal guns enter the country. When the commission discovers evidence related to Ash’s murder, Janet comes closer to finding the killer who tore her family apart. But uncovering the truth makes Janet and the high-profile commission a target for criminals and politicians alike. Full of twists and turns, intricate, dark and steadily intriguing.