Jericho of Scotland Yard Season 1 (NR) 376 minutes

JERICHO OF SCOTLAND YARD, Season 1 - SERIES--(NR)--Amid the turmoil of changing times, Chief Inspector Michael Jericho (Robert Lindsay) is a famous Scotland Yard detective investi-gating high-profile murders in 1950s London. Aided by his trusted sergeant, Clive Harvey (David Troughton), and the young and eager-to-please DC John Caldicott (Ciarán McMenamin), Jericho solves London’s most heinous crimes, whether they occur in posh homes or illegal gambling dens. Though brilliant at his job and adored by the public, Jericho hides a dark and painful past and will stop at nothing to find justice. This stylish noir boasts fantastic guest stars, including Francesca Annis, Brendan Coyle, Laurence Fox, Peter Bowles, Claire Bloom, Jane Horrocks, James Wilby, Alfie Allen, and Dominic Cooper.