Journaling Workshop with Chelsea Danburg
Monday, March 22, 2021
7:00 p.m.
Online via Zoom

A Daily Journal Practice is an essential tool for achieving greater wellbeing and opening space to pursue your creative endeavors. In this workshop you will learn the simple steps of a daily journal practice.

This is an introductory program for those who have thought about starting a journal. Chelsea Danburg, a chef/artist/designer based in Rowayton, will guide participants through the sustainable, simple steps of daily journaling, using your notebook of choice.

Chelsea will walk you through the entire process from outlining your goals/practices/projects, to the beauty of a weekly ‘brain dump’, writing a timeline for the day, and finally parking your thoughts at the end of the week.

The magic of a daily journal practice unfolds gradually as you consistently make time for what’s important, reduce overwhelm with weekly brain dumps, and pause to reflect after a hectic week. Over time, you will greet each day with relaxed strength and joyous courage. A daily journal practice gives you space to park your thoughts, land your day with grace, and reach your dreams!

Learn the basics of organizing thoughts, prioritizing items, and harnessing some grace and energy to manage those often-scattered brain waves.

Join us for this unique opportunity to explore a process that will enhance your daily life! We'll provide standard journals for participants, available at the library today, or you can purchase a notebook of your choice. Register here!

Follow Chelsea on Instagram at @BluJoyWrks and visit her website here for more info!

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