Judas 62

Judas 62 by Charles Cumming is the next installment in the adventures of counterintelligence agent Lachlan Kite. Kite has spent his career as a spy working for BOX 88, a transatlantic organization so deeply protected and secret that even the CIA doesn’t know about it. But, in the process, he’s racked up a list of enemies that he quickly learns includes officials deep within the Russian government. Juda 62 jumps back to Kite’s youth in 1993 when a mission in post-Soviet Russia goes wrong and Kite is trapped deep in hostile territory at the mercy of a devious ex-KGB officer. Now, in 2020, Kite finds that this old mission and its repercussions have come back to haunt him: he’s been put on a list labeled “JUDAS” of Russian enemies targeted for assassination. As always, Cumming has written a taut, fast-paced political thriller.