Knights of The South Bronx (PG) 90 minutes

KNIGHTS OF THE SOUTH BRONX – movie-PG – Richard Mason (Ted Danson) is middle-aged and recently unemployed. Deciding to return to his first love, teaching, he finds a job as an inner-city schoolteacher teaching fourth grade. Richard discovers a way to reach out to his skeptical students through the game of chess. Against all odds, he inspires his students to become champions, not only at chess, but in life! Based on true events, this heroic and heartwarming story co-stars Keke Palmer and Malcolm David Kelley. Ted Danson gives a compelling performance. Their story proves that no matter who you are or where you come from, if you play like a winner, you can be a king! See also the non-fiction dvd, Brooklyn Castle, and Life of a King, for more chess moves.