Knitting For Dogs

by Laurel, Molk features a creative, crafty girl, Izzy, and her dog, Max. Izzy loves making things--“birdhouses, beehouses, a wooden swing”--so when she takes up knitting, she expects it to be a cinch. And it is, at first – until she tries to knit herself a sweater and things suddenly start to go wrong. None of the sweaters she knits ever fit right, no matter how much she practices or how hard she tries. Izzy is determined – after all, “failure is part of the creative process”, she says. But, still, none of them turn out right. When Max makes a nest of cast-off sweaters, Izzy gets a wonderful idea about what to do with all her failed projects! The surprise is hinted at in the title but is still such a fun, sweet discovery. The book even includes a knitting pattern for a basic scarf at the end for readers to try out themselves!