Lavender House

Lavender House by Lev AC Rosen explores the undercover queer community in 1950s San Francisco. Lavender House is the elegant hub for a found family of queer people who live openly without hiding who they are. It’s headed by Irene Lamontaine, the heir to a designer soap empire whose magical scents are a closely guarded secret. When Irene dies after falling from her balcony, her wife, Pearl Velez, is looking for answers. She meets Evander “Andy” Mills at a dive bar, where the former police detective is nursing drinks and contemplating suicide after getting fired from the San Francisco PD, kicked out of his apartment, and shunned by friends after being picked up in a raid on a gay club. In order to investigate, Andy visits Lavender House, where he is mesmerized by the freedom and honesty of its inhabitants. But he discovers there are also darker forces at play and old family money at stake, part of a dangerous game of secrets that will pull Andy in.