The Left-Handed Fate by Kate Milford (Grades 5 and up) Summer Reading

The Left-Handed Fate--by Kate Milford--An ancient inscription and a handful of puzzling artifacts plunge three young people into both the War of 1812 and a much larger, older conflict. Set in Nagspeake (the setting of companion book, The Green Glass House), the tale focuses on risk-averse Max, dedicated Oliver and fiery Lucy. A tragic turn of events leaves Lucy as captain of her father’s ship as she deals with the quick-changing politics of the time, as well as the mysterious men in black that constantly pursue the Even 9-year-old Liao (Lucy’s half-brother) gets pulled into trying to solve the mystery of the three-part device, a supposed super weapon able to stop all wars. If you like a touch of suspense along with fast-paced action, this book is for you.