Life of a King (PG-13) 101 minutes

LIFE OF A KING – Movie-PG13 – This is a true story of one man's inspiring mission to better the future of inner-city youth in Washington, DC After being incarcerated for 18 years, Eugene Brown (Academy Award®-winner Cuba GoodingJr., established the Big Chair Chess Club to help pull kids off the streets. Using the simple chess-inspired motto ''think before you move,'' Brown helped give troubled students something that he never had: a future. This dramatization shows the difficulty he has transitioning back into not only society but also back into his children’s lives, most of which he missed while in prison.  It is not easy to start the club in an area fraught with drug dealing, gangs and a short-term view of life. Determined to teach these children what he learned, to see ahead, plan ahead and move ahead, both in chess and how to apply it to their lives. Other chess movies include BROOKLYN CASTLE (NF) and KNIGHTS OF THE SOUTH BRONX (Fiction)