ManHunt (NR) 141 minutes

MANHUNT NEW MINISERIES (NR) This chilling mystery based on true events that rocked Britain. The battered body of a French student is found on Twickenham Green in London, hardworking and humble DCI Collin Sutton (Martin Clunes) is appointed the lead detective on his first big case. After connecting the young woman’s murder to a previous attack, Sutton embarks on a quest to catch a serial killer.  With the press in a frenzy and the public demanding answers, his team grows discouraged as they find no motive, witnesses or forensic evidence. But Sutton’s commitment never wavers, often at the expense of his relationship with his wife (Claudie Blakley). Realistically portraying the ins and outs of police investigations, this thriller tells the story of one detective’s uncompromising search for justice.